A hooded bandit dressed in black opened fire on a country dance bar popular among college students in Southern California, killing 11 people and a sheriff from the sheriff. Even the shooter died in the melee.

The world of country music woke up on Thursday to learn about the second mass shootings to hit that community over many years. Twelve people were killed and injured more after an armed man opened fire during a college night at Borderline, a country dance club in Thousand Oaks, California. The armed man was found dead inside.

"Waking up in New York for the terrible news in California that 12 people were killed in a country bar last night," tweeted singer Big & Rich John Rich . "An officer killed in the exercise of duty while running to the shooter to save lives, join me in asking the Holy Spirit to shut down those families this morning."

Country icon Charlie Daniels also honored Ron Helus, the veteran sergeant from Ventura County and one of the first rescuers to arrive on the scene. He died for his wounds.

"Another blue knight was lost last night", tweeted the singer "Devil Went Down to Georgia". "He died in the act of protecting and serving, as many of his brothers and sisters have before him." Sergeant Ron Helus, you're dead saving lives. There is no higher call. "

"Another senseless act, 13 dead in another mass shootout, families devastated by violence . " Ellen DeGeneres tweeted . "My heart is with the people of Mille Oaks, and with everyone fighting for change."

Star "The Office" Rainn Wilson added, "My heart breaks for my neighbors at Thousand Oaks and the victims of the seemingly endless flow of armed violence in our country. "

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