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Neil Warnock on Brexit: ‘I can’t wait to leave. To hell with the rest of the world’ | Football

Neil Warnock used a post-match press conference to attack the government's management of the Brexit negotiations – insisting that a clean exit from the EU will be better for Britain "from the point of view of football "and" in every respect ".

The Cardiff City manager, speaking after his team's 0-0 draw with Huddersfield, has rejected claims that Brexit will make it more difficult for Premier League clubs to sign players ̵

1; he then invited Theresa May to hand over referendum.

once the country knows what they are doing, it will be easy [to make signings] … Any transfer window is difficult for me, not just for this. "

He continued:" I do not know why politicians do not do what the country wants, if they are honest. They made a referendum and now we see a number of politicians and all the others trying to put us in … Why did we have a referendum in the bloody first place?

"I can not wait to get out of it, if I'm honest I think we'll be much better off the damn thing in every respect, even from a football point of view, absolutely, to hell with the rest of the world."

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Cardiff is currently in 17th place in the Premier League, with a performance against the Huddersfield cross-country club, underlining why Warnock is willing to add to his team during the current transfer window.

"We have three main goals now," he said, "but we thought we signed a midfielder last week and it failed, I do not think you can say anything until you're actually sitting in your office and signing the documents.

"Agents stand out elsewhere, with better offers. This is the work we're working on … I do not think the president has ever worked so hard to convince me. "

Warnock was also asked if Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa admitted he had sent a staff member to spy on the Derby training session prior to the Friday's club meeting between the two clubs.

"Funny, is not it?" Warnock said "I mean they do it all over the world. Listen, I hope they come to watch us, it will confuse them. They are welcome to come and see us train. "

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