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Destiny 2’s Impossible Puzzle Might Have Been Broken All Along

Destiny 2 players have finally completed the seventh and final puzzle of Niobe Labs – you know, that apparently so difficult that Bungie had to give up the hope that someone would solve it.

This success is not the result of all the discoveries of the last sherlockian, however, but because the puzzle itself was broken.

On Friday, January 11, Bungie posted a new clue to the puzzle on his forum, and admitted that "a string at Level 7 was removed incorrectly that would provide additional information."

A string is a term in programming that describes a series of characters in sequence, such as the word "puzzle" or the phrase "this puzzle made my eyes melt from their sockets" Someone in Bungie probably deleted him by mistake, but there is no an explanation of what it was, how it could have helped, or why they had not noticed it before.

"In place of this missing piece of the puzzle," added Bungie, "we are p rovinating the clue below to help players in their quest to complete Niobe Labs once and for all."

# 39; clue is as follows:

With the weapons soaked
Through the invisible views
Create the truth from the hand
Return the dials to the emblem
Stay faithful to the map
To prove your knowledge of the family three

This clue, in addition to the clue below that the players already had, led to subreddit r / raidsecrets combining their knowledge and the streamer xGladd and his team to finally solve it once for all in the late evening of Friday.

Image: r / raidsecrets

The reward, after all that work, was a Legendary Emblem and an Exotic Phantom Shell. Was it worth it? Maybe not, but at least we can go on with our lives now.

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